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"Hello Mariana,

I just wanted to share with you the photos of my dog Buddy. I use your product on him and he loves it. He is old and is getting bald spots and a lot of hair loss. I wash him and spray the bald spots. It's been great to relieve  his dry itchy skin.

Thank you."

"Hi Mariana,
I wanted to thank you for the great products that you have developed for pets. My dog was experiencing severe enzyma through out his body. It was very concerning to us to see our beloved pet go through such discomfort. Since using the shampoo and spray we are happy to say he is doing much better. The spray is easy to use and has a nice scent. The shampoo leaves his hair shining and beautiful.

Thank you again....sincerely yours "
- G.A.

Thank you De Oliveira Systems,
My name is Jay; I am a client at De Oliveira Systems for my hair loss When I realized that Mariana De Oliveira had also developed a new line of products for pets, I had a conversation with Mariana regarding my concern for my dog. I explained to her that ever since my dog was three years old he had a tutor and now it started to grow to the size of a quarter inch, I took my dog to the veterinarian to see what could be done, the veterinarian said for us just to keep an eye on it, needless to say, in the next two months the tutor grew to the size of a golf ball. I returned to the veterinarian and was told that my dog needed to have surgery and most likely his ankle might never be the same. I left with my dog and went home.
When I finished telling my story, Mariana De Oliveira recommend the De Oliveira Special pet spray, it was to be sprayed on the tumour. Yes, I was skeptical but I decided to try it.
When I arrived at home I asked my wife to spray it on the tumour, which she did, once a day.
After two weeks we noticed the tumour was shrinking and my wife and I thought, are we seeing things???
My wife started spraying 2-3 times per day and after 6-8 weeks the tumour DISAPPEARED.
We started to use the pet Spray and the pet Shampoo on our other dogs for the shedding and bald spots, the hair stopped shedding, hair grew back on the spots and on the skin all signs of flakes disappear.

De Oliveira Pet Products.
These are the best pet products we have ever used on our dogs. Amazing

Thank you Mariana De Oliveira